We live in culture where anxiety has become one of the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million people in the United States, and that’s just for people 18 and over! It’s become an epidemic. And this is only talking about anxiety.

Let me tell you, there is power to heal emotions, wrong mindsets, anxiety, depression and so much more just by soaking in worship that is driven by God’s presence, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and rooted in the Word of God. 

In my many years of worship leading, I have received countless testimonies of people getting free from all of the things that are listed above. God loves to heal and deliver and worship is often a means for Him to do that.

Every day, we are being told what we have to look like, who we have to be, what is acceptable, what is success, what makes you valuable. This constant barrage of pressure to be someone we’re not steals from the joy and peace that comes from knowing our true identity and our God give purpose and value.

What if you stopped allowing culture and the opinions of others to define and dictate your life and value? What if you took responsibility of your life and went on a journey of discovering your infinite worth, unique identity, and God give purpose?

We are daily bombarded with a steady stream of input from our phones, computers, tablets, televisions, radios…you name it. At the touch of a screen we are notified of the latest tragedy, drop in stock prices, political scandal, and world crisis, not to mention the consumption of social media that has proven to lead to comparison, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

What if you filled yourself with good things instead of negative things? What if you intentionally focused on things that spark inspiration, love, and joy? What if you consumed things that give you life instead of death?

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Sanctuary is a refuge…a place of safety. A place where you can come and  fill yourself with hope, peace, healing, and to gain spiritual victory on a daily basis. Sanctuary is a rich resource which includes an ever growing compilation of Presence driven –  Holy Spirit inspired –  live worship moments from myself as well as from other amazing worship leaders. Classes and teachings created to help you go on the journey of discovering your unique identity, infinite value, and God given purpose. Positive and inspirational content that will keep you in the sanctuary of God’s joy, peace, and love.

Be a part of the community fighting to live in the sanctuary of peace and joy that God promises.


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